Blockchain development made simple for everyone.

A flexible and easy platform to help your business rapidly develop, deploy and scale a Blockchain.

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Our solution

Kubernetes ready

Our platform works in a Kubernetes environment, automatically configured from us, and can be scaled in no time

Hyperledger Fabric

The Blockchain infrastructure is developed with Hyperledger Fabric and can be customized according to your Business

Chaincode Manager

We translate your Business Logic and requirements in Code and run it in a Chaincode, a smart contract that operate in an external container


The platform can expose a full set of custom REST APIs to allow your Business interact with the Blockchain

OpenAPI Documentation

Every REST APIs support OpenAPI specification to create a complete documentation


The platform implements a logging system which log at infrastructure level and code level giving you full view of what happens in the system.

Disaster Recovery

Our configuration is already configured for disaster recovery scenarios, ensuring the availability of the system.

Plug and Play

You can easly move your Blockchain whenever you want ensuring a full governance of your system.

What we can do for you

The use cases below are just a taste of what you could to with a Blockchain

Immutable certification system

Leverage the tamper-proof capability of a blockchain to store and retrieve data and documents in an immutable way, acting as a system to certify data integrity

Monitoring and Tracking supply chain

Your organization can track and monitor specific supply chain thanks to the collaborative and permissioned nature of the blockchain platform

Create a Network of collaboration

Use the Blockchain to build a network of trust where every entity could join with a specific and well-defined rules

Our Process

Here is our process that we use to bring to life your Blockchain project with our platform


We acquire requirements from you to define the best way to develop and launch your Blockchain according to your Business with our platform


We immediately start the configuration of your Blockchain according to the requirements


We release an early alpha version of the Blockchain to collect feedbacks from you, and iterate on specific functionalities


This is the time! Now you have everything in your hands to manage and scale your Blockchain


We don't leave you alone! After the release we can still support your and your project


The Roadmap goes from a low level platform, the solution we already have, that needs manual work from us, to a Blockchain management platform which gives you all you need.

Low level platform

Phase 1

Configuration engine

The goal of this phase is let the user create a custom configuration for his Blockchain through our solution

Phase 2

Provisioning engine

Our platform will be able to deploy your Blockchain under a Kubernetes cluster automatically created according to the configuration

Phase 3

Chaincode engine

At this stage our platform will simplify the process to develop the chaincodes that your business needs through a Chaincode Engine

Phase 4

Webhook engine

The Webhook engine allows you to create custom API through which it's possible to call the Chaincode's functions and interact with the Blockchain

Blockchain management platform

Open Trusted Cloud member

The Open Trusted Cloud Program is aimed at software publishers, as well as SaaS and PaaS solution providers. Its ambition is to co-build an ecosystem of SaaS and PaaS services — hosted in the open, reversible and trusted cloud offered by OVHcloud. This will provide a common platform for competitive solutions.

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